Once upon a time there was no eBLUESOFT. It is hard and painful to think about that time. But then, bad times have the good habit of going away and it did. So now, there is eBLUESOFT. Which is great! Because we, at eBLUESOFT, love being at eBLUESOFT.

We argue and fight and mess up and clean up. We learn, forget, re-learn, master, blunder and then re-master our grasp on technologies. We make designs, we tear them up, we design again, we criticize each other's work and we watch each other's back. But in all that, we work as a Team. We fight. But we also gel well and bond better. We are tight. That's eBLUESOFT for you.

We make web-applications. We make web-designs. We make Android applications. We make voice-applications. We create corporate identities. We have no idea whether our work is good, bad, ugly or great. But judging from the reactions of our clients, we have a suspicion it might be pretty solid.

Why don't you give us a try and find out?


Arjun M.

Technical Head

Seasoned vet. Chain smoker. Loves PHP.

Koushik P.

Creative Head

Ex-IBM. Has all the quirks. Touchy about details.

Have a job for us?

Don't be shy and get in touch. We won't eat you alive, promise. Plus our quote won't give you a heart attack, promise.


EBLUESOFT is a small web design & development company located in Calcutta, India. PHP, MySQL, AJAX, JQuery, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc. are some of the main technologies we use to plan, design and develop tailor made web-apps for you.

Apart from Web-Apps, we also make Android Apps and Interactive Voice Apps.